High-quality security coupled with constant vigilance is a powerful way to deter criminal activity in residential and commercial properties. Having a CCTV monitoring system installed is one of the most cost-effective methods to ensure that your home or business premises are monitored at all times. Although there have been significant technological advances in recent years, CCTV surveillance remains vulnerable to attack. In tandem with these advances, malicious hackers are constantly developing sophisticated techniques to circumvent security protocols in order to gain unlawful access to video surveillance security systems.

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Improving the level of security is the main reason for installing CCTV cameras and when the system is compromised the whole purpose of investing in an advanced surveillance system is largely defeated. Despite existing vulnerabilities, many security systems are woefully vulnerable to hacking.  To prepare better for such eventualities, you should understand the methods most commonly used by hackers to gain access to CCTV surveillance systems. Here are 3 tips you can use to prevent hackers from hacking their way into your home security or business surveillance network.

1. Change the Password from Default to Custom

Any potential hacker can easily gain access to your CCTV cameras by simply looking up your IP address and using engines such as shadon.io or angryip.org to obtain the specific signature information. This will allow them to try out passwords until they gain access to the entire security system. Changing the default factory password is a small but often overlooked detail that can prevent hackers from gaining easy access to your security network.

2. Secure Your User ID

User ID is the next route hackers will look for. The account can be reset to grant full access to the security device including its hard drives and even full access to the entire wireless system. All they need are the email, phone number, and username used when the account was registered. Once in, they can view the digital video recorder live feed, manipulate the DVR, and change personal user information, effectively locking out the user.

3. Secure Command Lines

Hackers can exploit the system’s ‘backdoor’ command line of code that will grant them admin-level access to the system. Many operators neglect to install the latest firmware which means that even novice hackers can gain access to the system.

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In order to protect your privacy and safety, you need to safeguard your security system by bolstering it with the critical components of security intelligence combined with constant surveillance. Even though there is a hoard of indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras available online, it is always recommended to hire a professional security company for your CCTV camera Installation in Perth. Contact Select Security to find out how we can help you select the best security system to ensure you are protected from potential crime and cyber threats.