Overview of the Tecom Challenger10 

Tecom Challenger 10

The Tecom Challenger10 is a high-end security solution for corporate clients such as banks, retail outlets, and schools. This solution consists of a modular system, and it is fully customisable to any security policies with thousands of programmable options. Clients can also scale the Challenger10 to fit the size of their facility. 

Challenger10 features the latest technology and provides clients with complete access control of up to 99 areas without loss of performance. Clients can use as little as one area, and they can individually customised access control of each area for complete protection flexibility. 

The design of Challenger10 allows for complete integration with corporate network requirements. The system features an onboard Ethernet port so clients can manage it remotely. 

The intelligent onboard power management system ensures that the system stays fully charged at all times. Clients can monitor the system’s voltage and current via an LCD keypad. 


The Tecom Challenger10’s features include: 

  • Full backward compatibility with Challenger V8 peripherals
  • A panel that can store 10,000 events
  • Complete programmability via LCD keypad arming stations or Interlogix security management software
  • Fully automated arming and disarming at pre-set times, dates, or events that occur in a system
  • Ability to define annual holidays that can consist of several days
  • Intelligent onboard power supply with power monitoring via LCD keypad
  • Multiple internal areas linking to a perimeter area for complete access control over a facility’s entry exit procedures
  • Simplified cabling to avoid the use of earth wires to Communications Earth Terminals (CETs)
  • Internal protection for mains power supply as well as auto resettable fuse protection for LANs, auxiliary power, and the siren
  • Flash upgradeable firmware

The Challenger10 panel offers a complete and flexible security solution, and its disarming can be automated. 

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Security is crucial to protect a business’s assets and ensure a safe working environment. With the Tecom Challenger10, you can implement and automate your security policy down to the last detail. Installing this system will result in significant time and money savings for your business. 

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