Is it worthwhile getting a home alarm system in Perth? Is our crime rate bad enough to warrant purchasing an alarm for your Perth home or business? While Perth is a city that enjoys one of the highest living standards in the world, it does have a moderate level of crime which unfortunately is on the rise. Recent reports indicate that crimes in late 2015 rose by 20% in Perth. This highlights the importance of having a Perth Home Alarm installed. There are many benefits to having a Home Alarm in Perth.

Protect your Valuables with a Home Alarm in Perth

This of course is the main reason to have a Perth Home Alarm installed. It’s worthwhile considering just how important this point is. Whilst most valuables are replaceable on insurance, there are certain things that simply cannot be replaced.

Think about precious family heirlooms such as jewellery. Thieves will often target computers and hard drives which often have priceless family photos on them which cannot be replaced. These items are far more valuable than their monetary value may suggest. It’s therefore wise to invest in a Perth Home Alarm System that minimised the chances of loosing sentimental items.

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Protect your Family

The recent rise in crime in Perth saw an increase in burglary, motor vehicle theft, property damage and theft. In the month of October there were 1500 more of these crimes which occurred. Whilst most of these crimes resulted in a loss of valuables, some threatened the safety of occupants.

Its an unfortunate fact that home burglaries can lead to confrontations between occupants and thieves. Having a home alarm installed reduces the chance of a home invasion and therefore potential trauma to those in your home.

Monitor Your Home

With advances in technology, Perth home alarms now come with remote monitoring capabilities. With CCTV Cameras installed, home owners can check their home from their mobile device. This opens up a range of options that were just not possible with traditional home alarm systems.

For example, homeowners can check that their pet is ok while they are at work. They can use the cameras to ensure their children are playing safely while they are in another part of the house. There are many handy benefits you can enjoy by having a Perth home alarm system with Security cameras installed.

Cameras act as a massive deterrent to criminal activity. In another article we look at the benefits of Perth CCTV cameras. Studies have shown that CCTV Cameras that are well placed and installed by a professional will reduce the chances of a break in occurring.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

As already mentioned Perth has a great standard of living. White sandy beaches and great parks like King’s Park are fantastic aspects of the Perth lifestyle. Having a home alarm means you are more able to enjoy the many great things about Perth without worrying about your security.

It’s good to be able to get out without worrying about the security of your home. Whether its a day trip out to one of the many great Perth attractions, or a trip down South. With a Perth Home Security System that you can monitor with your mobile phone, you can relax and enjoy Perth with confidence.

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Some Other Benefits

Here are some other benefits to owning a Home Alarm in Perth:

  • Individual residents and families without Home Alarms are nearly three times more likely to be robbed. An audible alarm is the first line in criminal deterrence. However, modern alarms also include recording technology, motion sensors, and digital access for automatically alerting the authorities.
  • Studies have shown that if one home has an alarm, the surrounding homes that do not are also less likely to be robbed. Owning Home Alarms in Perth helps to protect individuals, families, properties, and the immediate community.
  • Homes with alarm systems are eligible for lower insurance rates. Because of this, even the most expensive systems will eventually pay for themselves.
  • Attached to the best alarms systems are home monitoring services. These ensure the right people are notified in an emergency. If the alarm is accidentally tripped, they will call and ask for a password to disable the alert. They also provide an extra layer of security by dispatching their own security in the event of an alarm.
  • Alarms are not just for burglaries. They can be activated for a medical emergencies. They can also be linked to wearable, medical alert panic buttons.
  • Peace of mind comes with knowing homes, possessions, and loved ones are safe. This allows homeowners to stop worrying and get back to their careers and families.

The above benefits make owning a home alarm system a logical choice. With the integration of the newest technology, homes and families will be safer in any type of emergency. If you need a Home Alarm in Perth, contact Alan at Select Security. He has over 30 years experience in Perth home security and can offer a solution that will help you and your loved ones stay safe and secure.

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