If you’re just launching a business, then you would want to have the best commercial security measures in place right from the start. Remember, your business became a prime target for burglars as soon as you opened its doors for service. Something else to keep in mind is if you have employees and visitors, then they’re depending on you for their safety and protection.

Here are some measures our commercial security system specialists in Perth recommend you put in place when you’re starting out.

Install a CCTV system

There are many reasons to invest in a video surveillance system as part of the commercial security measures for your business. Here are a few:

  • Cameras can deter burglars.
  • Cameras can deter employees and visitors from being dishonest.
  • You’ll have quality video evidence to help the police apprehend burglars.
  • The video evidence can be useful in legal cases such as fraudulent or frivolous claims.
  • The footage can help solve mysteries such as missing products, cash and other assets.
  • Whether you’re at home or on a business trip, you can instantly monitor your business remotely on your smart device or computer.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to identify perpetrators due to poor image quality and badly positioned cameras. To ensure you get a security camera system with high-quality images the police can use, contact our specialist for CCTV installtion in Perth today.

Install a security alarm system

Commercial security alarms provide an extra safety measure for your business. By installing an alarm system on your premises, your team will be properly alerted in case of an emergency, and the system will help deter intruders.

You can also set up your security alarm system to send push notifications to your mobile phone. Additionally, if any employees need to work late, they can use the zoning option to keep the system armed to protect themselves while in the building.

Ask us about our smart commercial security alarms in Perth now.

Get 24/7 alarm monitoring

Rather than rely on the neighbouring businesses to call you when your alarm is triggered, why not let us connect your commercial alarm system to a reliable alarm monitoring central station? They can monitor your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and a professional will be on hand to respond promptly every time your security alarm and smoke alarm are triggered.

They’ll get in touch with your nominated contacts right away to identify any false alarms and suspicious activities, and respond when the threat is real. This will help save your life, save your employees’ lives and protect your business. As such, monitored alarms are vital to the security of your business.

Package options vary, click here to read more.

Expand your security system as your needs increase

If your security needs increase after we’ve installed your cameras and alarm, we can extend the network to ensure all areas are secure. Whether you’re extending the building or changing its layout, we can cater for your new security needs.

Our security products are quite flexible, offering various ways you might want to expand your security system to ensure adequate security measures are in place. A quick audit will help us to determine the number of additional cameras and alarm sensors to install and which equipment best fits the physical location in which it is to be installed.

Regularly test your CCTV camera and alarm system

To increase your chances of catching the perpetrators, it’s important to regularly check that your security cameras and intruder alarm are working. You don’t want to rock up to your premises to discover there’s been a break-in yet you never received an alert because the system wasn’t functioning as it should. Nor do you want to find out that the cameras had been down the entire time.

At Select Security, we test and maintain a wide variety of commercial security products including security cameras, CCTV recorders, alarm panels, sirens and detectors. We replace faulty components and can upgrade your current security system to provide the best equipment and features for your business and budget.

Protect your business assets now!

Our commercial security solutions in Perth can help protect your premises, people and other assets. Contact us today for advice on the best solutions and best commercial security measures for your business.