CCTV Security Cameras

It’s now super easy to secure your business

Quality and reliable CCTV security cameras no longer cost a fortune. So when you’re ready to invest in security solutions for your business premises, opt for sophisticated cameras that do what we’re about to show you.

Footage from CCTV Camera in Shopping Centre

An affordable CCTV system for WA businesses

Every business is unique, and as such has its unique security requirements. We understand that as a business owner you’re crazy busy and therefore just want a system that works well and is intuitive to operate.

That’s why we ensure that as your commercial security solutions provider, we’re providing Perth CCTV security systems to meet your specific needs as well as the legislative requirements.

We also ensure to set yours up at the highest standard so you can record high-quality images that you can actually use. Our high-definition cameras are designed for megapixel network video surveillance systems. Correct design of your CCTV network is also important as that will help your system to fully function as you expect it to without wasting your investment.

We strive to offer the most competitive rates while only using reliable brands known for their quality.

CCTV Cameras monitored through internet

Your digital security camera system will transmit video and images over internet connections. They’re popular with Perth businesses because the business owners can access the high-quality digital images on their smartphones, not just on their computers, and from wherever they have access to the internet.

We supply and install your CCTV system as well as advise you on the latest systems that utilise this technology (e.g. the Hikvision Perth systems).

Not sure which CCTV camera system is right for you? Call to speak with our security specialists. We’ll come to your premises for an on-site evaluation and then design a surveillance camera system that best suits your facility and your needs.

Hikvision CCTV Security System with H264 Compression

Upgrade at any time

Our expansive selection of modern security systems includes a wide range of features and devices. These provide you with many options not only when designing new setups, but also when you’re upgrading.

So if you have an older CCTV system, we can upgrade it for improved accessibility. We replace the old cameras with ones that have better connected capability, higher resolution and high-definition footage. And if you’re expanding your property, we can install additional cameras to ensure your property is completely monitored.

For more information on our selection of CCTV camera devices for upgrades, give us a call today.

Highly professional services

We offer highly professional services, from site evaluation and thorough system requirements assessment to installation, repairs and maintenance.

Our security technicians have many years of experience in providing expert security consultation and product configuration services for property security, and for long-term peace of mind.

We handpicked and tested the best alarms and CCTV security equipment for Western Australian businesses, and based on feedback from our clients we know we offer CCTV camera models you can count on.

You don’t need to fiddle around with the system, we pre-configure and pre-programme it to ensure you’re online right away.

If you’re searching for outstanding support and the latest high-quality CCTV technology you can rely on, then call us now.

Talk to a CCTV specialist about CCTV installation in Perth

For over 30 years, Select Security has been installing quality systems for domestic and commercial clients.

Get in touch today to order your high-quality, high-resolution CCTV system.

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