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Professional grade security cameras for your Perth business or home

We are a Perth based full service and installation company with over 30 years experience in the supply and installations of the high definition IP megapixel network video surveillance systems using Dahua, Hikvision and Honeywell brands.

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Hikvision Perth HD Cameras
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Unleash the Power of Hikvision

Hikvision Security Cameras and CCTV Systems are world leaders in quality, clarity and durability. Their latest IP Systems boast the latest technology whilst being simple to use. These systems work best after expert configuration and installation. So for a complete optimised Security System that you can monitor on your smartphone from virtually anywhere talk to Select Security today.

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Want Even More Power?

The HD SDI Hikvision Cameras boast High Definition Images and the reliability of SDI technology to bring you amazing quality images and video. Ask us today.

Looking for a CCTV System for Your Perth Business?

You have come to the right place. We can help your Business get the right CCTV system. We realise that every business and organisation is unique and we seek to listen to and meet the unique requirements of every business we work with. We present viable quality options to you based on our 30 years experience in the Perth Commercial Security industry.

We understand that business owners are busy and just want a system the works well and is intuitive to operate. We ensure that your Perth CCTV System meets legislative requirements and produces high quality pictures that can be used as evidence.

We strive to ensure the most competitive rates whilst using reliable brands known for their quality. Correct design of your Perth CCTV System is also important as that ensures that your system is fully functioning and your investment is not wasted.

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IP CCTV Cameras

IP Cameras stand for Internet Protocol cameras because they transmit video and images they capture over internet connections. They are popular because they can produce higher quality digital images which can be accessed by the end user on their smart phone or pc wherever there is an internet connection.

We can Supply, install and advise you on the latest CCTV Systems that utilise this technology such as the Dahua CCTV Systems.

The Benefits of IP CCTV Cameras

Nothing quite matches the peace of mind that comes with being able to visually check your business or home premises.

The latest technology IP Cameras are far superior to the old analogue images because they are able to produce higher resolution images provided they are installed by licensed security installers. It is important to ensure the system is set up properly to optimise motion detection in a way that prevents wasting valuable Hard Drive Space.

CCTV images are easily stored on a USB or disc, making for easy transfer images and video captured by your CCTV System. These IP based systems have become much more affordable in recent years as technology advances. As a result it makes for a worthwhile investment to have a full CCTV System installed into your Perth Home or Business, giving you peace of mind and increased levels of security.

CCTV also provides safety to personnel and customers to your business. They can enable business managers to monitor production processes and company efficiency without being too invasive. Many businesses have been able to review and improve health, safety and efficiency by reviewing and analysing their CCTV Footage. CCTV systems also provide good accountability and can help prevent employee theft in businesses.

Below is an actual image captured by a Dahua CCTV Camera that we can supply and install. As you can see, these cameras produce a very high quality image.

hikvision footage cctv perth
Honeywell Performance Series with 4 IP Cameras

Honeywell Performance Series – Perfect for Small Business

The Honeywell Performance series is a new, economical CCTV System that comes with either 4 IP Bullet Cameras or 4 IP Ball Cameras and a choice of either 1TB or 2TB NVR.

These systems are made for small business, retail, convenience store or office applications. They are easy to set up and configure and backed by support and a 2 year warranty.

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Some General CCTV Tips

  • Only Pictures that are viewed can be recorded
  • Good light at night will produce better results
  • Have a UPS to filter power fluctuations
  • Maintain and clean your camera lens regularly
  • Check that all your camera pictures are recorded
  • Know how to copy and backup your pictures

Talk to the Trusted Security Experts for CCTV Installation Perth

For over 30 years, we have been engineering quality CCTV systems for both domestic and commercial applications. We have seen many technological advancements over the years and it is exciting to see high quality, high resolution systems become very competitive in their pricing.

It is important to us that your property is safe and we are committed to developing solutions that are both simple to use and effective.

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