Home invasion could happen to anyone and it can be a terrifying experience, especially if you’re there when it happens. It will affect your sense of security because you’ll feel violated and traumatised by the experience.

So, what can you do to defend your home from burglars? Here’s what the security experts at Select Security say are some home security mistakes you should avoid. Chances are you’ll make it difficult for anyone to target your home.

1. Not servicing home alarm systems

The sad truth is many homeowners don’t get their Perth home alarm systems regularly checked or they ignore the maintenance lights on the keypads. If you don’t get a professional to check your system, there’s a good chance it might not function correctly when a burglar attempts to break in. The sensors could fail and the alarm may not go off. Make it a habit to get your system checked regularly. Don’t have a home alarm system yet? Request a free quote.

2. Oversharing on social media

Burglars use social media too, so be careful about what you post online or you could be their next target. If you’re going on holidays, leave the bragging and photos for when you return, and avoid disclosing that you’re going to be away. Also, don’t feel tempted to share photos of your valuables with everyone on your Friends list. You’re showing them what you own, making yourself an easy target.

3. Telling the world you’ve been shopping

Is it easy for burglars to check your bin for boxes that indicate you’ve recently bought new electrical goods? If a criminal knows what they might find inside your home, the more likely they’ll target you! To prevent this from happening to you, take the boxes straight to the tip or tear them to pieces and place them at the bottom of the recycling bin.

4. Leaving windows unlocked on the upper floors

Always assume burglars will find a way to climb past the ground floor to reach the top windows. Your home may have drain pipes and patio railings or poles a burglar can use to climb up. The burglar could also get access to a ladder you’ve left out in the open. We highly recommend that you lock all windows and lock away anything a burglar could use to climb to the next floor.

5. Making it obvious that you’re away

Burglars tend to target unoccupied houses. If you’re going away, make it look like someone is home. Start by buying some timers for your table lamps, radio, and television. Set them to switch on at different hours of the day and night so potential burglars think that you’re at home. Also, pause any mail and newspaper delivery to your home. An overflowing letterbox and a pile of newspapers on your driveway is a dead giveaway that you’re not home.

6. Relying solely on the dog

A dog is not the best “security system”. That’s one of the most common home security mistakes people make. Instead of relying on your dog to prevent burglars from ransacking your home, take the necessary steps to make it less desirable to potential burglars. Because thieves look for homes with an easy entry and easy escape, installing a reliable home security system will help to deter them. Plus, a noisy home alarm would be more effective than a dog. Ask us how.

7. Forgetting to close the garage or shed

Leaving your garage and shed open is one of the easiest ways to invite burglars to steal from you. Not only are you giving them access to your car, boat or bike, but you could be giving burglars access to expensive drilling tools and ladders which they could use to break into your home. To prevent this, secure your shed and garage before you walk away, and watch the garage door close in case someone tries to sneak in.

Ready to protect you and your family from burglars? Contact us today for advice on the best home security alarm options available for your Perth home.