Dahua NVR4000-4KS2 Overview

The Dahua NVR4000-4KS2 is a pioneer in the industry. Before the NVR4000, no Lite series NVRs were capable of supporting both H.265 and 4K. You get an outstanding blend of value for money and quality.

It’s an ideal system for those cases where it’s essential to get clear images. The Dahua FTP system makes it simple to transfer the footage to permanent storage.

Don’t like keypads? Not a problem, this system operates with a mouse as well if you prefer. It provides edge storage, centre storage, and back-up storage as well. The chance of losing data is minimal.

The Dahua NVR manual provides clear instructions on how to use the system. You’ll also be provided with your Dahua NVR default IP address for improved security. The company does provide Dahua firmware downloads from time to time.


  • 4K Resolution
  • H.265/ H.264 codec decoding
  • 8MP resolution when using preview or playback modes
  • HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output
  • Up to 80Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
  • Up to 8MP Resolution for Preview and Playback
  • Compatible with IPC UPnP, 8PoE ports
  • Back-up system to handle breakdowns
  • Compatible with ANR technology if you want to improve storage.

Two of the most interesting features are listed below.

The Intelligent Video System

The NVR includes IP cameras that operate in conjunction with intelligent video analytics. The NVR can detect moving objects. The smart analytics then kick in to get the best possible picture. This ability is useful

for distinguishing between intruders and dogs or cats.

Smart Add

Many people feel nervous about buying an IP system because they’re often tricky to install. Dahua gets around this obstacle by incorporating its Smart Add function. Thanks to the addition of this feature, installing this system is as easy as with an analogue model. 

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