Perth Home Alarm Systems

Looking for home security systems in Perth you can rely on? Trust Select Security to provide you with the latest home alarms, security cameras and home monitoring solutions designed to keep your loved ones, pets and house safe.

You can install them for:

  • Indoor security: see what’s happening inside the home, one room at a time
  • Outdoor security: catch intruders on their way in, and keep an eye on your garage
  • Pet monitoring: spy on your pet while you’re out
  • Child safety: check in on your children when they’re alone

Our two-way wireless home security alarm and camera systems come with full smart phone integration so you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world!

Perth home security systems

We supply a state-of-the-art wireless alarm system designed to allow you to monitor your home with live video through a cloud-based system that’s also linked to an app on your smart device.

With security cameras that transmit video over the internet, you can view your home at any time on demand, or when the alarm is triggered.

Monitor your home security from anywhere

Whether you’re holidaying overseas or working away from home, this setting is perfect if you want to check on your home.

Just press a few buttons on our free app on your mobile device, and you’re connected remotely to your home security system.

Notifications are programmed to alert you via push notification or email. When the home security alarm is triggered, video clips and still images are automatically sent to you or to your security provider – whichever you prefer. This gives you complete peace of mind and helps to avoid false alarms fees.

Happy Couple Monitoring their home security situation

Keep an eye on your children and pets

Our handy home monitoring systems are popular with parents and pet owners because they’re able to check on what’s happening in other parts of their homes whenever they want.

So if you have a young child playing in their room, an older child home alone, or you wish to watch what your pets are up to, use your security monitoring system to check that they’re safe.

Risco Agility 3 Perth Home Security Smartphone App

A reliable app for more peace of mind

To give you complete round-the-clock home security monitoring, we include the very cool iRISCO smartphone app in your home alarm system package. This app gives full access to your cameras through Wi-Fi or 3G on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Not only can it alert you on any number of alarm triggers such as movement detection, it also allows you to monitor activities in and around your home live on your phone!

This is perfect for anyone who wants to stay in the know and who wants to see what’s going on in and around the home, whether to ensure loved ones are safe, that your pets got fed, or to check on any security situation.

Want to quickly disarm any zones in your home security network? No worries. This is particularly handy if you’re taking a nap or spending several hours in your home office but want to secure the rest of your home.

You can also check the log history, view the system status, bypass detectors and do so much more.

We specialise in RISCO Agility 3 System

The main panel for home security systems

At Select Security, we provide the Agility 3 system, one of the most advanced wireless home security and burglar alarm packages offering incredible control over your home security setup. See below for a list of items included in the package.

We also regularly proactively service and repair your system.

Items include:

  • 2 x wireless channels for video streaming and alarm functions (detection, control, and diagnostic signals) simultaneously
  • SIA-IP support which assists communication with monitoring stations
main agility3 panel
Wireless Slim LED Pad Agility 3
eyeWAVE PIR Camera
eyeWAVE PIR Wireless Camera Agility3
Wireless WatchOUT Agility3
Wireless Indoor and outdoor perimer detectors agility3
2 way remote control agility3
home security automation agility3


What should I do when someone breaks into my house?

If someone breaks into your house, the first thing to do is make sure you are safe. Secure your loved ones and find refuge with nearby relatives or a trusted neighbor.

Call the police as soon as you can to ensure that home’s safety. Install a reliable security system if you haven’t yet. Or – determine how your current system failed, and either have this addressed or switch to a more secure alarm system.

How does Select Security's home alarm system work?

Our state-of-the-art home alarm system monitors areas inside and outside your house and CCTV cameras  that record to a hard drive. You can access the live feed directly through an app on your mobile device. In this manner, you can keep an eye on your pets or check in with your kid if they come home earlier than you do.

When the alarm goes off, the system sends a notification to your phone with video clips and still images. These videos can also be sent to your security provider for immediate crisis control.

Will the system stop working if wires are cut?

Select Security’s home alarm system is completely wireless, so there is no danger of wires being cut.

How clear are your security cameras?

Our eyewave (TM) wireless camera is a PIR or passive infrared motion detector with a wide-angle range of 12 meters. This device records VGA (640 x 480 pixels) or QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) videos, and you can adjust according to your preferred resolution. It also uses a discreet flash to take images in complete darkness.

How do I prevent false alarms alerting my security provider?

The push notifications or emails that are sent out when the alarm is triggered can be programmed to be sent to both you and your partner at once. You can also have the system monitored using a 4 G device with a sim card. The monitoring service will call the nominated contacts first to advise them of the alarm activation. If there are multiple zones the WA police are also notified.

How often should the system be tested?

Your system should be tested every six months or up to one year.

Protect your home and your family. Talk to a security specialist.

Contact us today for Perth’s most advanced yet simple-to-use home security systems that easily integrate with your smartphone.
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