Most people don’t realize how easy it might be for a thief to get into their home. After all, they lock their doors and windows before they leave their home and make sure the garage door is closed. A thief, however, might still be able to get into their home, especially if it looks like an easy target. When a person is interested in Home Security in Perth, there’s actually a few things they can do to make the home less attractive to potential thieves and make it easier for them to protect their home.

Home Security Perth – Make it Look Like Someone’s Home

Home Security in Perth often starts with making sure it looks like someone is home. If a thief sees trash cans left by the curb for more than a day or the grass is overgrown, it can make it look like a vacant home. When a person is going to be gone for a few days, they should have a neighbor pull in their trash cans and get their newspaper, mail and any flyers left on their door so it looks like someone is home each day doing all of this. Mow the lawn right before leaving for vacation and have someone mow it again if needed during the vacation.

Home Security Perth Lights On

Make Sure Everything is Closed and Locked

Many people leave their second-floor windows open or at least unlocked, believing that they’re safe on the top floor. Others might accidentally leave the garage door or gate to the backyard open when they leave for work. All of these are an invitation to a thief, no matter how unlikely it might seem. Before leaving to go anywhere, double check to make sure everything is locked and secured as well as possible, especially sliding glass doors and garage doors.

Make Sure There are No Hiding Spots

Thieves will look for anywhere possible to hide while they try to break into the home. Overgrown bushes can make it incredibly easy for them to hide by windows and pry one open. A lack of outdoor lighting makes it easy for them to walk around the house without being noticed when it’s night. Make sure there’s nothing near the home that would allow someone to hide. Eliminating “blind spots” also makes it easier to install an effective CCTV system for your Perth Home. Evidence suggests that an effective CCTV System will deter criminal activity around your home.

CCTV Cameras Perth

Purchase a Security System

For many, Perth Home Security also includes purchasing a home alarm systems Perth. There are some things that make a home attractive to thieves, like having a set schedule to be gone each day, that might not be easily fixed. A home security system will add that little bit of extra security against keeping thieves out. As many as 60% of thieves always leave and look for another home if the home they choose has a security system. This is just one of the many benefits of home alarm systems.

Home Security is a serious matter for Perth residents, but these tips should help a person who is interested in doing as much as possible to protect their home. Remember to be careful about talking about when you’ll be away from home and make sure everything is closed and locked every time you’re away from the house. Also, getting a security system is one of the biggest ways a person can detract thieves. Contact Select Security today to find out about the latest Home Alarm Systems on the Perth Security Market.