We previously shared Perth home security mistakes to avoid with tips to help you protect your home, but what about when you’re going on holiday? What steps should you take to fortify your home’s safety and deter burglars from breaking in while you’re away? Here are some simple yet efficient home security tips from our Perth home alarm specialists.

Install a home security system

To deter intruders and have footage for the police after someone breaks in, it’s best to install a home security system that includes a home alarm system, security cameras, and an app that lets you monitor your home remotely and receive intruder alerts on your phone. This way, you can have an alarm that sounds when the burglars break in, and a system that captures every move they make.

Get locks installed on doors, windows and gates

If you’re missing any locks on any doors, windows and gates or find any that are not functioning properly, contact your local locksmith. Ask them to install strong locks, providing a good deterrent to keep burglars out. Before leaving for your holiday, check and double-check that all entry points are secured. Also check the backyard gates and shed door.

Ask a friend you trust to stay in your home

While you’re away, someone you trust could look after your home. This may also be a good option if you have pets that need looking after. When choosing a house sitter, look for someone who is reliable and responsible enough to maintain your property as you left it. They can also clear your letterbox and mow the lawn, making it look like you never went on holiday.

Get someone to collect your mail and bins

Burglars are often looking out for signs of an empty home. If you leave your bins out on the side of the road between collection days, you’ll be making it obvious that your home is empty. The best thing to do is to ask someone you trust to bring your bins in after the trucks have been. This way, anyone canvassing your street won’t know you’re not home.

Leave some lights on timer

Some people prefer to set up timers on indoor and outdoor lights to switch on in a pattern that mimic human activity. For example, the lights outside would only switch on after sunset and switch off around bedtime. The indoor lights would switch on and off at different times in different rooms to mimic what you’d do if you were moving around inside your home. If you prefer to leave lights on while you’re away, you can buy some timers from your local Bunnings.

Keep your travel plans off social media

Burglars often use Facebook and other social media to shop for homes to hit. So, be careful what you post online and who can see your travel activities. Otherwise, whenever you post about your whereabouts, you’re basically saying “Hey! We’re away. Come and rob our place!” It’s also important to educate your children about the dangers of sharing their locations on social media.

Arm your security system as you leave

One of the most important home security tips is this: if your home is secured with a home alarm system, remember to arm it before you step out the door! You’d be surprised how many people forget to do this. Once armed, your system will send alerts to your mobile device when there’s an issue. You can then check on your home from anywhere in the world and request police assistance while the crime is in progress. Be sure to test the detectors and app before you leave for your holiday.

Protect your home now!

Our home security cameras and alarm systems can help ensure your home will be how you left it when you went on holiday. Contact us today for advice on the best options available for your Perth home.