Outdoor CCTV Security Camera

Today’s security climate has made closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras popular. They give property owners peace of mind and deter criminality in communities. But have you ever been curious about how they work at night?

How CCTV Cameras Work in Low Light

If you inspect closely, CCTV security cameras that operate through infrared (IR) have these small light bulbs embedded into them near the eye of the camera. These light bulbs are tiny LEDs that project infrared light, which enables your camera to see or work at night. This kind of light is invisible to the naked eye and is unnoticeable even when it is fully functioning at night.

For CCTV cameras that work through low-light settings, they greatly magnify the low light source to capture an image. The camera “absorbs” the light and then maximises it so that the surroundings under its view would seem illuminated. 

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Why is the Night Image Often Black and White?

Most CCTV cameras that work at night often come in a monochromatic scheme. Hence, the black and white colours you see on your screen. This is designed as such for a very good reason.

At night, when there is little to no natural light source, the quality, and image noise significantly drops if it is coloured. Seeing in black and white is better than not seeing anything at all.

How Can I Tell if a CCTV Camera Will Work at Night?

To know if a CCTV camera will work at night, check its lux figure. This figure is the measurement or gauge of the amount of light you need for your CCTV camera to give quality images at night. If the lux figure is zero or near it, you’ll need little to no light source.

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