Crime is continuing to increase and it’s worrying many people. When a home is burglarised, it can be difficult for the police to catch the person who did it. In many cases that’s because there isn’t enough information to go on when the break into the home. Often, the only time a burglar is caught is when they make a significant mistake such as leaving something behind with their name on it. When a person has a CCTV security system, however, they’ll have a photograph of the person who broke in, if they break in despite the security and home alarm system.

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The Increase of Crime in Perth

Compared to November of 2014, home burglaries have gone up 16 percent. That means that in a little over a year the number of burglaries surged and more people experienced having their homes broken into and their personal belongings stolen. Statistics show that Armadale has the highest number of thefts, but Mandurah and Gosnells are close behind. Those in other areas are also noticing a trend of increasing burglaries and many are looking at ways to protect their home since it can be hard to prevent a theft without taking extra measures like installing a security system.

Why Is the Increase Happening?

Many people feel that the increase is occurring because there simply isn’t enough police on the streets. Burglaries aren’t the only crimes to rise in occurrence recently as crimes against people have risen by 18.5 percent. There is a slower response time than in the past because of the lack of adequate police coverage and because of the rise in crimes overall, not just burglaries. The police union has stated that more officers are needed, as well as more vehicles and equipment to be able to try to curb the surging crime rates across the board, including burglaries.

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How to Protect Yourself

A homeowner is likely going to wonder how they can protect their own home while the crime rate is increasing. One of the top ways is to have a security alarm system installed as a burglary is less likely to break in when there is one in the home. Other things can be done as well, like checking to make sure the home is completely locked before leaving and having someone get the mail and newspaper when the homeowner is on vacation so it looks like someone is home. Looking into the ways a homeowner can protect their home can give them quite a few ideas to help them make sure they’re not a target and their home remains safe.

If you’re worried about the chances of your home being burglarized, take the time to look into Perth Alarm Systems immediately. An alarm system has a high chance of deterring the burglary in the first place and, if the thief does still enter the home, it can help the police arrive faster to catch them in the act or catch them afterward because of photographs of the person breaking in. Contact Select Security to look into the Alarm Systems that are currently available and have one installed in your home now to protect your home.

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