Homeowners often ask whether there’s a way to access live video feeds from their home security cameras while they’re away from their homes. Perhaps they want to check on their pets, teenagers or older parents, or just want to make sure all is still well with their home.

The good news is things have changed a lot. Gone are the days when you had to call the neighbours or friends to ask them to pop over to check on your home. Today, Perth clients are using smart technology with remote video surveillance (often referred to as remote surveillance cameras) capabilities that make it possible for them to monitor what’s happening inside and outside their homes. They can do this from virtually anywhere with internet access, and at any time, day or night.

What Makes Remote Monitoring Possible?

Put simply, a remote home video surveillance system offers some of the latest internet-compatible features and advances in home security technology. The cameras are connected through a home network similar to a home broadband network.

Plus, the cameras are high definition, and the system records and feeds live video in super-high resolution. This makes it possible to transmit the video across the world through the internet without losing quality. We call this “IP technology”.

Are Remote Surveillance Cameras Easy to Use?

Your Perth home security specialist will help you find the IP address of your security camera network. This makes home monitoring simple. With this IP address, you can use a compatible web browser on your computer or laptop to test the live video feed from home. This way, you can get an idea what it’s like to view the footage from your remote surveillance cameras while you’re off-site from a computer or laptop.

It’s easy to use. If you know how to navigate the internet, you’ll quickly get used to online home security video software. There’s a Help menu for controlling and accessing your remote surveillance cameras, and if you have any questions you can contact the home security specialist who set it up for you.

Take It Even Further with Mobile Monitoring

If you want to take the remote monitoring to another level, you can install the complimentary app that comes with the remote video surveillance package. It works on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Once you’re set up, you can immediately start viewing the live feed on your mobile device through Wi-Fi and 3G while you’re away from home. We call this “remote mobile video surveillance”, and it’s super convenient when you don’t have access to a computer but want to access your remote surveillance cameras.

The main differences between remote monitoring and mobile monitoring are their usability features:

Remote monitoring is done through the browser. It gives you greater control over your home security camera system. Whether you’re checking your home from the office, the airport or a hotel room, you have a more reliable and secure internet connection because you’re on a stable internet connection. You can quickly manage all the settings, the recorded video and the live feed.

Remote mobile monitoring is done through the app. When you’re checking up on your home from your car or boat, you need a reliable mobile data connection, otherwise the live feed could drop from time to time. Depending on the remote video surveillance system you’re using, the app may let you view multiple cameras simultaneously, play back recorded videos remotely, control alarm output, and much more. You may also set it to alert you, through mobile notification, whenever the alarm is triggered.

So if you plan to monitor your home while you’re on holiday, the best way to view the footage from your remote surveillance cameras may be through a web browser on Wi-Fi.

If you’re searching for a home surveillance system that gives you complete real-time access to your live home security camera feed on the go, Select Security can help. We offer remote monitoring solutions you can rely on. Call us on 1300 135 881 to speak with our home security specialists.