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What is Agility 3? It is a two-way wireless security and safety system. Users can use snapshots to identify false alarms or confirm a crime in progress. Therefore, installing Agility 3 in your residential or commercial property can increase efficiency and secure your property. 

It is also easy to use the Smartphone to control and monitor your security system.

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  • Wireless PIR Cameras: 8 (maximum) or standard Wireless PIR detectors
  • Wired Outputs: 4 (with I/O Expander): 2x3A relay and 2x500mA
  • Wired Zones: 4 (with I/O Expander)
  • Wireless sounders: 3 (Indoor or outdoor)
  • Partitions: 3
  • Wireless zones (1-way or 2-way): 32
  • Follow-me destinations: 16
  • Alarm Receiving Centre: 3
  • Event log: 250 
  • User codes:32
  • X-10: Supported with I/O Expander
  • Remote Controls (1- way or 2-way): 8 (4 button or 8 buttons)
  • Keypads (2-way): 3 – LCD or Slim
  • Firmware upgrade: Local or remote via GPRS or IP
  • Communication: PSTN, IP, and GSM/GPRS in any combination

What Are the Devices Included in the Package?  

  • Wireless Pet Detector 
  • 2-Way Remote Control 
  • 2-Way Wireless Slim LED Keypad
  • Agility control panel with battery backup and IP module
  • Wireless external sounder


Wireless Pet Detector – It allows pets to move freely on your property. Therefore, if you have pets in your home, your pets can move around your house without losing intruder detection. 

2-Way Remote Control – It allows you to set PIN codes to improve security. And the multi-colour LEDs indicate the system status. 

2-Way Wireless Slim LED Keypad.

2-Way Wireless LCD Keypad – It has an integrated proximity reader for arming and disarming. 

Remote Upgrade & Configuration Software – It can save you time and money. How? It allows remote upgrade of your security system, automatic system diagnostics, remote configuration and simple installation. 

Web Application – You can use the Web Application to monitor, configure and control your security system from any location. You can also use it to configure your camera settings, including image resolution, the number of images taken and many more. 

Smartphone App – It is easy to use Smartphone App to control your Agility system. You can use the app to verify alarms, view the status and history of your system, omit detectors, take snapshots and much more. The app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. 

Video Verification – It uses a sequence of snapshots to verify alarms. Therefore, it reduces false alarm costs. 

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It is beneficial to install Agility 3 since it can secure your property. If you are looking to install CCTV cameras in your house or commercial space, do not look any further than Select Security. Call us at our toll free – 1300 135 881

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