Pocket Secure is a smartphone app for controlling an alarm system from anywhere. It uses an encrypted network to work with professionally installed alarm systems. Permaconn provides this encrypted network in Australia.

Homeowners or business owners in Western Australia can use Pocket Secure to improve their existing or new alarm systems. It is a simple and smart remote control monitored security solution for various sites like homes and businesses.

Features of Pocket Secure

– Remote Arm and Disarm

Users can use their mobile phones to arm and disarm their security alarm from anywhere.

– User Permission Control

Admin user manages the features that are accessible to other users.

– Push Notifications

The app sends every alarm and system message to the user’s phone.

– Control Multiple Sites

Users can see every event across various sites such as holiday house, office or home.

– Voice Control

Users can use Voice Control to speak commands to their phones to interact with the app and to navigate their Pocket Secure App.

– App Security

Users can either use their face recognition or fingerprint to securely protect and lock their app.

person checking out the dashboard of his pocket secure app on smartphone

Unique Values of Pocket Secure:

  • It controls several sites and partitions. 
  • Users can customise all sites and partitions to fit their descriptions. 
  • It records all actions in the Atlas web portal. 
  • It offers a dynamic and secure display.

Pocket Secure App can arm and disarm any alarm system that is connected to the Permaconn 4G communicator. And users can use it to control their lighting, gates, and doors.

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How to Install Pocket Secure in Western Australia?

Permanconn recommends a professional to install it. Hire Select Security, which offers the most established and trusted Commercial Security Services in Perth, to check if your system is compatible. If your system is compatible, they will install Pocket Secure. Contact us today.