It’s common for people to spend a lot of money ensuring their house is secure, but what a lot of people don’t give much thought to is securing their shed or garage past locking it with a padlock – even though it’s where a lot of expensive things are stored! Cars, tools, bikes, lawnmowers. Your shed or garage can be a ripe picking ground for burglars.

Whether your shed is attached to your home or not, it should receive the same level of security as the rest of your home and surrounding property. Here’s why you need to install a security system to protect your shed or garage.


Criminals Know Your Shed Contains Valuable Items


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Sheds are often places where household things end up just to get them out of sight and mind. Unless it’s your man cave however, where your tools and more take pride of place. Regardless of what you use your shed for, they often present an easy target for criminals to pick up a lot of valuable items.

If you store expensive machinery in your shed, as well as sporting equipment, electronics and bikes, you should consider installing or extending your security system to cover your shed.

Ease your mind and protect the valuables stored in your shed by installing a home alarm system in Perth with outdoor security so you can catch intruders on their way in and keep an eye on your garage. You may also want to consider alarming your shed’s windows and doors.

You should also consider changing any padlocks frequently, or investing in weather-proof, rust-resistant padlocks. For a more high-tech option, you could consider an electronic door lock.


Tools Ripe for the Picking


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Power tools such as drills, air pressure cleaners and lawnmowers are extremely valuable. And when you add to that your prized collection of spanners, paint and other tools you’ve collected over the years, you’re shed can become the prime target for thieves.

Stop this from happening by ensuring you have a security system set up in your back garden with a view of your shed and all access points. Our two-way wireless home security alarm and camera systems come with full smartphone integration so you can monitor your home from anywhere.


Using the Garage to Gain Access to the House


Garages are vulnerable because they more often than not shelter cars, boats and bikes, which are especially attractive to thieves. However, criminals also see your garage as an easy access point into the house – especially if they can access a door into the house through the garage (which is how many new homes are being built!).

Our security cameras transmit images over the internet allowing you to view your garage at any time of the day or night. If at any stage the security alarm is triggered at any stage, snapshots will be sent automatically to your mobile device to determine if any is action required. And if you have an alarm fitted, neighbours will be alerted and thieves deterred having triggered an alarm by trying to access your house through your garage.

Are you ready to protect your shed or garage? Contact Select Security today for advice on the best home security alarm and outdoor security options available in Perth to suit your premises and needs.