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Alarm Servicing & Repairs

Ensure your premises stay safe and secure with regular security alarm testing and maintenance. We offer alarm servicing and repairs on a wide range of products including alarm panels, sirens, detectors, CCTV recorders, security cameras and monitors.

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Alarm Repairs We Can Help You With


Alarm Recoding

We can recode and reprogram your existing alarm system.


Replace faulty sensors and alarm components


Supply and Install new batteries into your Alarm System


Walk test all zones (where possible.)

Alarm Servicing

Service faulty equipment from your Alarm System


Upgrade and expand your current Security System.
Alarm Service Perth Dahua Hikvision and Honeywell CCTV Cameras

Camera Servicing & Repairs

CCTV Security Camera Service and Repairs

We can service and repair a wide range of security cameras across numerous brands. We provide fast and reliable CCTV camera servicing.

  • We can service CCTV systems
  • We can work on any brand
  • We can replace faulty equipment
  • Fast, reliable service

Any Brand

We can service any brand of security system

All Parts

We can replace any faulty parts of your security system


We can carry out scheduled maintenance on your security system

Fixed Rates for Servicing

Relax. There is no nasty surprises and no hidden costs

Fully Compliant

All work carried out to Australian Standards 2201

Friendly Service

Friendly, prompt and reliable service

Alarm Repairs Perth – FAQs & Troubleshooting

Below are some general problems and trouble shooting you may have with have with your Perth Alarm. Please remember that this information is of a general nature. It is always best to consult a professional if you are having trouble with your alarm system. Contact Select Security for further assistance.

The alarm went off, but everything is fine. How do you reset the keypad?
Clearing the alarm history is a good idea, because it saves data space the alarm needs to work. As for resetting the keyboard, the owner’s manual should be the first place you look. Most manuals can also be found online. You can also look for a “reset system” page on the alarm company’s website.
How do you know if the alarm system is working properly? Should it be tested? How often?
If the display is functioning and the keypad is lit, chances are the alarm is working fine on your end. The most important thing to check is whether the signal from the alarm is reaching the monitoring center for the Alarm Service. They can often test for the signal remotely, but they may need to send a technician out to check other functions (such as the audible siren). Under certain circumstances, the user’s manual will give you instructions for testing the alarm yourself. Your system should be tested every six months to one year.
How do you set the alarm?
Each system is a little bit different, but most use an arming code. Look to your user’s manual or ask a technician when the system is first installed. One of these sources will give you a default code for arming and disarming. You can also change these to codes of your choice. It is very important that you not share the code with anyone but the immediate family and the monitoring center.
What happens if the alarm goes off? What happens if a family member accidentally trips it?
When the alarm goes off, the monitoring receives a signal. They will usually call the residence to make sure it is not an accidental trip. They will ask whoever answers for the unique password. That way, they will know whether or not it is an emergency and if authorities should be called. If it is an accident, don’t worry. It happens! No one gets in trouble. It is important, however, for each family member to have the most recent password and disarming code.
What do you do if something else is wrong with the alarm system?
Alarm Repairs may be necessary. For a professional Alarm Repair Service contact Select Security today.

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