Are you wondering whether to use surveillance cameras because you suspect that someone in your team may be stealing or misusing your business assets without your permission? While employee theft is not an uncommon occurrence in Western Australia, you’re right – you shouldn’t allow it to continue to happen to your business.

Theft in the workplace can involve more than cash and could drive your business broke. Employee theft is a crime, so it should be taken seriously. The employees involved should be held accountable.

But where should you place the CCTV cameras to monitor activities? This article sets out several common circumstances to help you decide where to position cameras within your business.

1) You think someone’s stealing your money

Whether taken from drawers, petty cash boxes, safes or bank accounts, money is the most common asset employees steal from employers. If you have a cashier desk, cash drawers or safes, then they’re some of the hotspots to place your CCTV cameras.

2) Merchandise and office supplies have gone missing

Perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re constantly restocking, yet sales haven’t increased. Or office and kitchen supplies seem strangely low. If that’s the case, we recommend commercial security camera systems in Perth to monitor your warehouse, kitchen, stationery room and other storage areas.

3) Equipment and tools have vanished

Many businesses don’t audit their equipment regularly. So it’s hard to tell when employees steal any equipment and tools. Especially assets that you may have forgotten about. Wherever possible, reorganise your workplace so all equipment and tools are in one location. And then place a digital CCTV camera there to help you identify the thief.

4) You believe employees are slacking off

You may not think of it as an asset, but as the saying goes – time is money. Your money. So if your employees are falsifying their timekeeping records, or slacking on the clock, then they’re stealing your time. If you don’t trust that their timesheets are accurate, it’s time to place video surveillance cameras around the workplace to help you compare the hours they’re reporting against the hours the cameras record.

5) You’re worried someone’s stealing customer data

A security breach is a big deal and should be treated seriously. It’s bad for business if an employee can walk away with customer passwords, credit card and banking details, and personal information. When you need video proof that it’s happening, then quality cameras strategically placed in these areas would clearly catch the employee who’s stealing the data.

6) You believe someone’s stealing your intellectual property

Some disgruntled employees steal copies of the work they have done for employers. This often includes product prototypes, designs, drawings and other blueprints. And they could share trade secrets with competitors. In this case, you need to place surveillance cameras in all locations where you keep sensitive information, including your office library and filing room.

Consider CCTV surveillance cameras to detect internal theft

There’s another way to find out whether the thief is someone on the outside or a devil you know sitting right next to you. Many business owners who had a gut feeling that someone could be stealing from them or defrauding their business installed CCTV cameras on their premises. They were able to detect suspicious activities pretty quickly, without much hassle!

If you’re worried about your business and looking for CCTV installation in Perth, get in touch today. We’ll help you choose the best CCTV systems – Hikvision Perth for your premises.