Dahua Camera Overview 

Featuring upgraded H.265 encoding technology, highly efficient video compression capabilities, and an improved design that saves both bandwidth and storage, the Dahua 6mp camera is truly one of a kind. Features like ePoE technology, wide dynamic range, smart H. 265+, and intelligent video analysis (IVS) make the Dahua 6mp camera a smart and worthy investment.

Features and Functions

Smart H.265+

Smart H.265+, the optimised implementation of the H.265 codec, features an intuitive noise reduction feature in order to deliver video that is high-quality, all without straining the network. This technology also reduces storage requirements and bit rate up to 70% when compared to the standard H.265. Other features include multi-frame reference, dynamic GOP and ROI, and a scene-adaptive encoding strategy.

ePoE Technology

This technology offers a new way to achieve long distance transmission between the network switch and the IP camera. A more flexible surveillance system design is also utilised, which improves reliability and also saves on both construction and wiring.

Adopting advanced 2D-PAM3 coding from the physical layer, realising full duplex transmission over 800 meters or 300 meters via coaxial cable media is also a beneficial component of ePoE technology.

Intelligent Video Analysis (IVS)

Essentially, IVS is a built in video analytic algorithm. This delivers intelligent functions that monitor a scene for things like tripwire violations, intrusion detection, and missing otr abandoned objects. IVS allows the camera to accurately and quickly respond to a specific area. Face detection is also part of this analysis, allowing a high quality facial capture and uploading the image to a server.

Environmental Features

Dahua security cameras are also able to operate in various environments. The camera is rated for use in temperatures from -30C to +60C, including 95% humidity.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WDR allows the Dahua CCTV camera to capture vivid images, with high contrast for better identification. This is effective in both low and bright lighting, as well as lighting conditions that change rapidly.

Protection (IP67, Wide Voltage)

The Dahua camera allows for +30% input voltage tolerance. This is suitable for most outdoor conditions, including those that are unstable or extreme. Its 6KV lightning rating provides protection for both the structure itself and the camera against lightning. The durability has also been tested against rigorous dust and immersion, so it’s guaranteed to be a sturdy camera.

Select Security install CCTV systems which use Dahua 6mp cameras. If you would like to find out more about this camera for your Perth home or business, call Alan today at 1300 135 881.