No matter how beautiful a home or commercial premise is, it becomes useless if it is insecure. Luckily, boosting the security around your home or business premises is no longer hard thanks to CCTV cameras.

People can now monitor everything happening on their property even without being physically present. This greatly helps to reduce crime and intrusion cases improving the overall security of a place.

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Here are 4 simple tips to use when installing and using CCTV cameras:

1. Make Sure All Entrance and Exit Points are Covered

When installing a CCTV system, make sure that cameras are installed at all points of entry. That way, it becomes easy to see who enters or leaves the premises. Usually, this goes a long way in restricting unwanted entry into a home or a business premises. This is because intruders always avoid entering a building that has CCTV cameras.

2.  Cover Both the Inside and the Outside

While most homeowners focus on installing CCTV cameras inside the house, outdoor cameras are equally important. This is because they prevent a crime from happening in the first place. On the other hand, when you only rely on indoor cameras, you will not be able to discourage unauthorized access. As a result, criminals will only notice the cameras when they are already in the house, which is already too late.

3.  Thoroughly Test All Cameras before Installation

To avoid wasting time during the installation process, have your cameras tested before mounting them. This will help you tell if they capture images and videos, and if they connect to your phone. That way, once the installation is done, the process will be over and done with.

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4. Place Cameras in High Places

Mounting your cameras in a place that is easy to reach makes them vulnerable to manipulation from intruders. Thieves can always tamper with cameras before breaking into a building. To avoid this, your cameras should be placed in a high place that is hard for outsiders to access.

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