Every commercial and residential facility requires a professional security system. In reality, security alarms are now used by practically all businesses and many homes to protect their commercial and domestic property. But why are security systems so crucial to Western Australians and their families?

Because improved security and safety means safeguarding one’s most prized possessions and people. It not only reduces the risk of theft and robbery but also saves time and money. Do you require Western Australia’s most cutting-edge wireless security system? — Keep reading. With SafeDial Wireless, Select Security has all of your security needs covered.

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SafeDial Wireless

SafeDial Wireless is a one-of-a-kind Multi-Path 4G & IP wireless module that plugs into your existing alarm system. It’s the only fully equipped unit that can send alarm events to any control room on a secure and redundant platform. Moreso is portable with your 1345 service and does not incur additional GPRS monitoring expenses from your Control Room.

Alarm events are delivered by Select Security’s Wireless unit in one of two ways:

• Landing as a Permaconn sibling product on a different line of the Permaconn digital IP receiver.
• It has a cheaper upfront cost and a monthly cost that is reasonable particularly because there are NO additional monitoring fees associated with this wireless service.

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SafeDial Wireless features

• Multicommunication 4G + IP device with integrity polling every 4 hours.
• It’s a plug-and-play solution.
Telstra GPRS / 4G SIM.
• Pocket Secure – Remote Arm / Disarm.
• Connects to any Contact ID Alarm System.
• IP delivery via Permaconn Multiline Receiver is compatible with ALL Control Rooms (1300 / 1345).
• From the customer’s premises to the Control Room, the network is fully redundant.
• Allows portability with the 1345 number.
• Instruments for installation and commissioning Toolbox for SafeDial (ATLAS)
• SafeDial Config Upload / Download (Panel Client Software – PCS) on the Remote Alarm Panel
• All communication is recognised and encrypted with AES128. You can rest assured that your information is secure when you use SafeDial.

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3 Main Supporting Applications

1. ‘Your Remote Technician’

Installers can use this online app for activation, installation, and diagnostics. There will be no speculation — you will leave the site knowing that the installation is complete and operational! It allows you to activate your troops on-site, see their status and health, and lastly read event history and Contact ID messages.

2. ‘Your Remote Access’

The app allows users to connect their Alarm Panels to Permaconn’s SafeDial Wireless Multicom network and upload/download configuration software remotely. It efficiently substitutes the old phone line dialler approach and eliminates the requirement for clients to visit their premises to update the Alarm Panel setup.

3. ‘Your Remote Guard’

A smartphone app that allows your end-users to remotely arm and disable their devices. Have you ever left the office without arming the alarm? No problem, just launch Pocket Secure on your smartphone and protect your property! Multiple locations – home, office, or vacation home – can all be armed and disarmed with this app at the tap of a button!

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