CCTVs (closed-circuit television cameras) are crucial devices keeping residential and commercial establishments safe and secure. They can keep a close eye on every angle of your property and record footage if you need to recheck them later.

Video surveillance is vital in preventing crime from occurring since it can discourage perpetrators, and any crime they commit that is caught on video can serve as proof against them.

Therefore, a CCTV system can be quite comforting to anyone who wants to protect their property. 

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technician explaining about cctv camera to a customer

Can A CCTV Camera Work Without Electricity?

Some cameras can record for a short time after electricity loss, but you can only view the footage once the power comes back on. 

If you need to record CCTV footage even during power outages, acquiring a UPS would be an excellent investment. This will allow for 30- 60 minutes backup of power where possible.

Unfortunately, to record footage 24/7, you have to have this system plugged into an outlet since batteries do not last very long and need to be changed regularly. 

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